Does your facility do everything it can to support families?

Care Monster

A Caregiving App that supports family communication and engagement, Download Here

Care Monster turns family frustration into synergy and harmony, with you to thank.

Care Monster is working with innovative providers to offer families an easy to use tool to coordinate family support and communicate visits and information. By doing so, families are less stressed, feel less guilt and are more engaged. This leads to a better patient experience, a more satisfied family and is a major differentiator for that provider’s company.

While other apps focus on the industry, Care Monster focuses on Loved Ones

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Care Monster is the first smart phone app that’s designed for the family to reduce stress and simplify coordination and communication.

Benefits to Our Providers:

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  • + Improved patient and family satisfaction.

  • + Provides a progressive image to the communities they serve.

  • + Seen as a differentiator and brand enhancement.

  • + Easy to deploy, use and explain.

  • + Reduces communication required to families.

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